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 (b. Sydney, Australia 1933) John Andrews was born in Sydney, Australia in 1933. He graduated from the University of Sydney in 1956. One year later he entered the masters of architecture program at Harvard University. After he graduated, Andrews worked with John Parkin and Don Mills in Toronto until 1962 when he established John Andrews Architects in Toronto. He expanded to Sydney in 1972 at which time he renamed the firm John Andrews International Pty. Ltd.

In his architecture, Andrews shows more concern with solving specific site and programmatic requirements than with establishing a distinctive style. He develops the building and site according to climatic conditions and user needs. With a rational approach that emphasizes circulation and user interaction, Andrews creates user friendly environments. Because he stresses the functional identity of his architecture, Andrews uses a design process that contrasts sharply with the more romantic architecture generated by his countrymen during the same period. As an architect, Andrews has not been compelled to follow any particular tradition. His international practice and absence from Australia during his formative years has set him apart from his contemporaries.. He has developed his own approach to architecture after a series of experiments. His understanding of the climatic, social, economic and constructional influence on architecture has enabled him to find appropriate solutions for the design problems at hand.

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Información secundaria:

John Andrews has an amazing face - the eyebrows say it all. I found it difficult not to photograph him up close! His face is so full of wisdom and reminds of a quintessential, hard working but fun loving Australian character. He was very easy to photograph and his great disposition is reflected in the shots. "I had heard quite a bit about John, as he is a famous architect. He is still extremely passionate about his work - he showed me a book on his work and beamed with pride when explaining design features. He spent time out of Australia early in his career including studying at Harvard. He is still an Aussie at heart and we talked about his latest venture - a vineyard and deer farm."

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